Our Expertise

We are a niche firm focused on a limited number of practice areas where we have exceptional understanding.

Civil Rights

There are a large number of civil rights initiatives at an EU level but they are often approached without fully taking this aspect into consideration. This leads to an incomplete picture of the legal environment and can be contra-productive to long-term goals. In particular in the context of corporate social responsibility.

Our legal expertise gives us a different starting point. We work on the basis that such initiatives are fundamentally a question of civil (and often human) rights. This enables our ideas to have a greater impact on a political level, provides a more complete understanding for our clients, and creates more honest relations with stakeholders.

Data protection and privacy. We draft friendly legal documentation, and develop unobtrusive practices and software implementations for international legal compliance without compromises.

Consumer protection. We provide assistance with ensuring that digital marketing efforts and customer relations management systems are in accordance with local and EU consumer protection laws.

Freedom of expression. We have a profound understanding of freedom of expression on the internet, and in particular in relation to what are often contrary interests within copyright and cyber security.

Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting and productively using intellectual property is an important aspect of long-term growth and success for almost all companies. All the more so in the digital economy. We have a broad experience of strategically and actively protecting intellectual property in a digital context on both a legal and more practical level, and actively follow new developments at an EU level.

Trademarks. We can help with strategic management, application, registration, and conflict resolution for national and EU trademarks.

Web addresses. We have been active in the domain name market for a long time and can help with TMCH- registrations, negotiations, and ADR/UDRP litigation.

Copyright. We develop innovative strategies for effectively protecting text, sound, and video in the context of web publishing.

International Trade

Cross-border trade often presents substantial opportunities for expansion across the EU and beyond. Having a sound international strategy, and being well-aware of both local and international aspects from the outset can be a game changer that really sets an international company apart from its regional competitors. We have profound experience with international work on an EU-level and beyond.

Trade agreements. We advice on cross-border trade situations at the expansion stage as well as on an ongoing basis.

Data portability. We provide both legal and technical assistance to ensure that your data-handling is compliant with EU legislation.

Political understanding. We provide advice and certainty for inter- national clients active in politically turbulent environments.