Our Services

We help our clients to understand and influence their legal environment.

We support our clients’ strategic goals by offering creative, authoritative, cutting-edge advice to enable a better understanding and management of the legal risks and opportunities associated with our clients’ activities. By using the relevant legal environment in the EU as our starting point, rather than national perspectives, we are well positioned to identify opportunities and address risks to advance and defend the interests of our clients whether big and multinational or small and local.

Drafting legal documents. We have particular expertise and experience with drafting complex legal agree- ments and policies. Whether from scratch or to review existing documentation.

Multilingual documents. In today’s Europe, one language is often not enough, and legal documents are not exempt. We are your one-stop shop for cost-efficient multilingual legal documents.

Ensuring compliance. We can assist with evaluating your legal risks and help you to optimise your practices and procedures to ensure that you are fully compliant and up-to-date with the latest developments.

International Intelligence

International agreements, decisions and legal proposals can have far-reaching consequences for both large and small companies and that is why it is important to take part in the discussion from the start. PR-agencies often lack the legal understanding to effectively analyse the impact of legal proposals while international initiatives often is an afterthought for general practice law firms. Our combination of international legal expertise and emphasis on effectively influencing the decision-making process from the start is what separates us from PR-agencies and general practice law firms.

Legal monitoring and analysis. We can monitor specific legal proposals and initiatives along with analysing its consequences for your market segment and operations.

Your counsel on site. We offer cost-efficient local presence and representation for EU meetings and conferences.

Expanded network. We help you to establish your EU presence and open doors for building alliances and local understanding.

Political Communication

Organise conferences. Our experience with organising conferences in Brussels enables us to effectively reach out to the EU institutions, the European press, or general public.

Launch campaigns. We would love to help you with organising a targeted and pragmatic campaign to spread your message to the general public and/or decision makers within the EU.

Integrated solutions. Our digital expertise, experience with organising conferences, and legal understanding enables us to effectively reach out with your message on several levels.