European Commission Launches Public Consultation on Audiovisual Media Services Directive

As a part of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy, the Commission is seeking public feedback on the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (Council Directive 2010/13/EU).

The Commission has stated that the goals of the consultation are to evaluate the Directive against the Better Regulation Guidelines along with its relevance and effectiveness in the context of recent technological changes and new consumer viewing patterns.

Specifically, the consultation seeks feedback on:

  1. whether its conceptual scope should be extended from television broadcasters and on-demand services to also cover web-services hosting user-generated content such as YouTube;
  2. whether the concept of “graduated regulation”, whereby specific rules are more stringent for broadcast services than for on-demand services, is suitable or whether basic rules should apply to all services; and
  3. The suitability and functioning of the “country of origin principle” whereby companies can provide their services in the EU by complying only with the rules of the country under whose jurisdiction they fall, and whether its geographical scope should be extended to also apply to services targeting EU countries from abroad.

On the basis of the outcome of the consultation, the Commission may propose a review of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. The deadline for responses is 30 September 2015.

Should you have any questions about this consultation, please contact Christian Ernhede (