Exceptional legal and political understanding within specifically limited practice areas of EU law.

Constitutional Law

The specific procedures of EU institutions can sometimes be unclear even to experienced lobbyists as well as general practice lawyers. Our detailed analysis of proceedings, backed up by rigorous legal research, enables a more accurate estimation of timetables and processes to make the most of any advocacy effort. In particular when a monitored legal proposal takes an unexpected turn.

Civil Rights

There are a large number of civil rights initiatives at an EU level but they are often approached without fully taking this aspect into consideration. This leads to an incomplete picture of the legal environment and can be contra-productive to long-term goals. In particular in the context of corporate social responsibility.

Our legal expertise gives us a different starting point. We work on the basis that such initiatives are fundamentally a question of civil (and often human) rights. This enables our ideas to have a greater impact on a political level, provides a more complete understanding for our clients, and creates more honest relations with stakeholders.

Intellectual Property Rights

Protecting and productively using intellectual property is an important aspect of long-term growth and success for almost all companies. All the more so in the digital economy. We have a broad experience of strategically and actively protecting intellectual property in a digital context on both a legal and more practical level, and actively follow new developments at an EU level.

International Trade

Cross-border trade often presents substantial opportunities for expansion across the EU and beyond. Having a sound international strategy, and being well-aware of both local and international aspects from the outset can be a game changer that really sets an international company apart from its regional competitors. We have profound experience with international work on an EU-level and beyond.